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Woolly Mammoth Identity

woolly mammoth identity


DC's iconic Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company wanted a new brand to re-establish themselves as long-standing, inside-the-beltway outsiders. We worked collaboratively with the client to develop new strategic positioning and mission statements for the theatre, settling on "rousing, visceral epiphanies" as the central creative idea behind the theatre's mission.

Taking inspiration from street protests and guerrilla artists, we designed an expressive new brand identity from the ground up, including logo, typefaces, custom glyphs, backgrounds and marks. It's a little bit Banksy and little bit Subcomandante Marcos.

In the board retreat that followed the rebranding, the theatre co-founder and artistic director called the new mission and identity "one of the greatest gifts in the history of the theatre," and said that he uses that phrase "rousing, visceral epiphanies" to guide all his decisions about the theatre.

Created while at RP3 Agency